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SE4 Profile Picker Plugin

Works on versions 4.0.1 to 4.1.3+

Remember Social Engine 3 edit profile style? How your users can select which theme they want.

Well we have gone better!

Users can select themes which admin have inputted through the admin panel through the categories, top themes widget, latest themes widget or by the listed themes widget...

Or just simply use there custom designs with the css as normal.

Shows how many people have used theme within the admin and profile selector pages

The profile theme demo image which i have uploaded is only basic, all i did is change the css to the background image, you can add css to change anything.


Put themes into categories
Add themes (Input thumbnail, css and title).
Edit themes
Delete Themes
Latest Themes Widget
Top Used Themes Widget
List Themes Widget
Search Themes Widget
Dedicated layout profile style editor page
Free theme included
Easy link on profile page for user to add themes
Free demo css profile theme

Great plugin, a must for social engines these days


This plugin will not work with the "Profile style 4.0.1" plugin by Dewiar... If you have this plugin you will need to disable this plugin as this plugin overrides settings that are needed for our plugin to work!

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