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Url shortner script

Php Scripts - Url shortner script
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Awesome URL Shortener application which comes packed with simplicity and features. I have included a bonus feature which you will find is not mentioned in the feature list and will remain a secret until you purchase the script. (Bonus feature disabled in Demo!)

Features List

  • Custom URL Names
  • Stats Page
  • Auto Copy Button
  • Simple and easy to use developer API .

Some Sites that use the script: (If you would like your site to be mentioned here just leave a comment.)

Each Number stands for a hundred sales. e.g. Update 1 will take place once I hit 100 Sales.

  1. - Bookmarklet -
  2. Custom URL Name API
  3. Advanced Stats Page
  4. Admin Panel
  5. Hidden URLS
  6. User Accounts Login System.


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