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SE Advanced Forum And Video

SocialEngine - SE Advanced Forum And Video
Preview in Live View

You can see images and videos on both of these at:

SocialEngine Forum Ultima Plugin


Tested and works on versions 4.0.1 - 4.1.3

The Forum Ultima plugin allows your forum to be a more dynamic and better forum, set how many posts your users have to post before they get the signature option.

Let your users put polls to their posts and show members posting levels.

Also 3 dedicated layouts so you can make your forum look as you want it to look like within the socialengine layout manager.

All in all the features are as follows:

Add Sub Categories
Add Sub Categories Within Sub Categories
User Signatures
Set How Many Posts Before Signature Privilage
Better Quick Reply
Smilies (Emocions)
Polling system
Posting level manager
Dedicated layouts

You will not lose any forum posts or topics from your original socialengine forum plugin when upgrading with this plugin.

All in all its the best forum plugin for socialengine v4!

For people who have already purchased forum advanced plugin gets a free upgrade to this, email us for details.



SocialEngine Advanced Video Plugin

Socialengine Video Plugin is required!

Works with version 4.1.1 - 4.1.4

Do you want your video plugin to run a little more like youtubes?

Do you want your members to have a channel and encourage them to post more videos?

This makes the video plugin work simular to youtube!

User channels
Subscribe to channels
Recieve notifications when the user you have subscribed too uploads a new video.
Post on channels you are subscribed too!
Recieve notifications when a comment is placed on a channel you have Commented on.
Channel user gets notified of any comments on channels
Only subscribers can post comments.
Customise your channel through css page and make it look the way you want it too!

Dedicated video layout within admin layout section
Dedicated video browse layout within admin layout section
Dedicated video channel layout within admin layout section

All widgets are as follows:

Channel comment widget
Css widget
Subsciber widget
View video widget
Latest videos
Latest videos in browse page
List videos
Menu (pagnition)
Popular videos
Profile videos
Recent videos
Search videos
Subscribers button widget



I would also like to thank UBL Designs for letting me sell this as a duo!


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