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SocialEngine Achievement Plugin

Ever wanted a achievement plugin simular to xbox achievements.

Why not give your users a little incentive to work harder within your community, Make them upload more pictures, music, videos by giving achievements for it.

Updating status, commenting on photos, creating blogs, classifieds or even updating their profile image.

Easily installed using the socialengine auto installer.

Tested and working 100% on socialengine v4.1.1 - 4.1.4.

This works with all socialengine standard plugins (Chat plugin not included).

We have even given 45 achievement icons free to get you started.

Features on this plugin include:

Add/Edit?Delete Achievements
2 dedicated layouts to make it look the way you want.
Automatically finds achievements it can use.
Browse Achievements
See unlocked achievements
See Top Achievers table
Profile Latest Achievement Unlocks
Top Achievers Widget to show off top users within userhome, home page etc.
Activity update everytime you unlock achievement
Comment on achievement activity
like achievement Acitivy
Share achievement Acitivy
Delete achievement Acitivy
See every achievement every member has and when within admin panel.

This uses the engine4_activity_actiontypes table within database so if a plugin does not have this the plugin will not pick it up for achievements.

This works with all socialengine standard plugins (Chat plugin not included).


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